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Datos de "Jose Lito"

Hay 15 nombres diferentes para Jose Lito en Yasni.

En la lista ranqueada, Jose Lito es el nombre de pila más frecuente en Yasni, en el puesto 2514.

Significado de "Jose"

Male first name (Tagalog): Jose: He (God) adds, Hebrew (Old Testament); jasaf add = multiply, and the name is interpreted as 'May God add another son', in the Old Testament Joseph is the eleventh son of Jacob advisor to the Pharaoh in Egypt, and thus also the name of the 12 tribes of Israel, in the New Testament, Joseph is the husband of Mary, the Mother of Jesus Joseph is a name of Hebrew origin meaning: God will add, or God will provide.

Significado de "Lito"

Para "Lito" no se dispone de un significado, todavía.

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